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Misleading Claims of Eldercare Consultants

The websites of CarePatrol, based in Gilbert, Ariz., and ABCSP (which also operates under the name Always Best Care), based in Roseville, Calif. claimed their employees had detailed, personal knowledge about the assisted-living homes. But the FTC says they didn’t and, as a result, misled consumers about their expertise and knowledge. While not admitting wrongdoing, both businesses have settled the FTC’s charges, promising not to make false or unsubstantiated claims for the next 20 years, states Forbes Magazine According to the FTC complaint, CarePatrol claimed on its site that it graded “each and every facility” from A to F, based…

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Some Question to ask Home Care Companies.

Senior home care services can allow seniors to stay comfortably in their own homes. But, selecting home care agencies for your loved ones is one of the most important decisions you will make; because we desire our loved ones to be safe, comfortable and well cared for. Accordingly, here are some questions to ask prior to hiring the service: 1. When choosing senior home care it's important to consider the needs of the senior. Do they have specific medical requirements? Therefore, they may require a care specialist or have a caregiver with specific training.  What about compatibility?  As the right…

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