Seniors Caring For Seniors

The New York Times article states that an increasing number of seniors who need assistance are being cared for by other seniors. It's not unusual for someone in her 80s to be cared for by a paid caregiver in her 60s or 70s. The article reports that in 2008, 28 percent of home care aides were over age 55. Older workers fill the paid caregiver role for a number of reasons.

Some need the income. For some, the part-time nature of the work fits their schedule and energy level. Also, if they are receiving Social Security benefits and are under their full retirement age, their monthly benefit may be reduced if they earn too much income.

Others simply enjoy the work and being useful to others. Often they started out as caregivers for family members and continued in the role when their family members stopped needing the care. And some seniors needing assistance feel more comfortable receiving it from someone closer to their own age.

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