Republicans “pledge” to slash veterans benefits

Republicans want to eliminate some veterans benefits passed in the Democratic-controlled legislature. GOP leaders vowed in their "Pledge to America" that, if they take power, they will cut veterans' benefits because they are not "paid for," states Peoples World.

"The Republicans would like every Democrat, every veteran, every retired military person in this country to be muted in this election. We will not be muted," Max Cleland said on a national conference call, Oct. 18, with veterans on behalf of Organizing for America.

"My feelings on veterans benefits," Cleland continued, responding to the Republican pledge to slash them, "they're all pre-paid. Veterans gave at the office."

"It is the moral obligation of this nation to take care of them," he added. While it is impossible for any government or treasury to replace the years they have sacrificed for their country, or "compensate them for lost time, lost hopes, lost lives or lost limbs," Cleland, a paralyzed veteran of the Vietnam War, said, it is our duty to do our best to care for them.

Republican Party leaders have vowed to cut non-military federal spending, including veterans benefits.

You do not have to totally impoverished to become eligible for Medicaid, as discussed in our previous Blogs such as Medicaid Myths of Gifting.

Also, in a previous our Blogs, the VA has funds, VA Funds – Pension and Aid & Attendance, , for Veterans to pay for home care and assisted living care,

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