Reducing Corporate Risk And Expense: Your Employees And Elder Care

If an employee management issue costs an organization an estimated
$2,441 per employee ($17.1 billion to U.S. employers) does that affect the
organization’s risk management behavior? What if this same issue causes
employees to lose focus, undergo stress, and have things occur in their
personal world that are beyond their and the organization’s control? Of course
it does.

This is a situation that is becoming more and more common as
employees become more involved in the caregiving for parents and spouses as
they age. Changing demographics are increasing risks to organizations across
the country as employees over the age of 50 begin to assume more
responsibilities for caregiving/eldercare. But when risk management
professionals work with human resources departments to institute programs and
work-life benefits addressing caregivers, employees can remain (as much as
possible) focused, accountable, ethical and present. This has the double result
of mitigating risk while improving lives of those we work with.

Source/more: Corporate Compliance Insights

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