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Questions to ask before moving out of a nursing home.

The AARP has come up with some questions to ask before moving out of a nursing home.

  • Do you want to live independently? You must be motivated enough to overcome frustration and inconvenience.
  • Are you able to live independently? People with limited mobility can often manage.
  • Can you afford to live independently? Government programs offer a variety of financial help.
  • Is in-home care available? Together, a doctor and a transition coordinator can help compile a list of needed services.
  • Is appropriate housing available? Requirements vary with health and mobility, and include access, safety features, security, and kitchen and dining facilities.
  • Does the home have everything you need? This includes a telephone, emergency contacts, kitchen equipment, and personal care items.
  • Does the community offer necessary medical services? Its crucial to identify and perhaps contact in advance doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, and emergency clinics in the community.
  • Do you have the necessary skills? These may include shopping, showering, or bathing, preparing meals, budgeting, and paying bills.
  • Is transportation available? Many areas have senior transportation programs.
  • Is social support available? Options include senior housing activities, religious programs, senior day-care, and family visits.

For the full article from the AARP on moving out of a nursing home, click here.

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