Medical Alert Scammers Bully Seniors

Elderly consumers across the country found themselves bullied and tricked into paying hundreds of dollars for medical alert devices they never ordered, according to federal regulators. The seniors were in their 70s or older, often lived alone and had limited incomes but were scared into paying good money for something they didn’t really want. Fear is often a huge part of the game plan whether it be scams involving medical alert devices, IRS impostor phone calls, fake debt collectors, magazine scams, and others. Some older consumers with dementia might not realize the real implications of reading their credit card or bank account information to someone pressuring them on the phone, according to regulators. Telemarketers in this medical alert case would say things such as “Aren’t you scared that you’re going to fall and no one’s going to be there to help you out?” In some cases involving medical alert devices, telemarketers would give the impression the device was already ordered by a relative and somehow “free” to the senior. Later, the demands for money would heat up.

Source/more: USA Today

David Wingate is an elder law attorney practicing in Frederick and Montgomery Counties, Maryland. The elder law practice concentrates on wills, powers of attorney, trusts, asset protection and Medicaid.

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