How do veterans qualify to get medical care at a VA hospital?

A veteran wants must complete and submit form 10-10EZ, with a copy of the military discharge papers to the local VA hospital admissions department.  Subsequently, they will set an appointment.  
If the veteran is receiving NSC pension plus A & A or housebound benefits, the veteran receives meds, medical equipment, incontinence supplies, glasses, hearing aids, etc. free without going to the hospital. Again, submit form
10-10EZ, but attach a copy of pension award letter, a copy of discharge papers, and prescriptions from his private doctor.  This benefit is not contingent on financial information.
Priority to see a physician is in the following order and based on availability: 
  •  recently discharge veterans (within five years)
  •  service connected and POWs
  •  NSC pension veterans with A & A or housebound
  •   everyone else

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