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Currency, a new service from American Express, helps young adults take charge of their personal finances. Currency offers tips and suggestions on saving and spending, and allows visitors to the site to share their new knowledge on social networks and thro

There is an old saying that can be painfully true, “You are only as happy as your unhappiest child.” One of the most common laments I hear from parents of adult children is that, for whatever reasons, their offspring seem to (repeatedly) need financial assistance … not because of illness of hardship, but simply through poor decision-making.

It’s hard to talk-turkey with your adult children, and they seldom listen anyway. But, maybe they will listen to advice from a third-party, especially if that advice is delivered in a manner with which they are most comfortable – fresh, fun and online.

American Express has launched Currency (www.getcurrency.com) to provide just that type of advice.  They offer online “courses,” and even a new iPhone app, Social Currency for social networking. A recent hot topic: Currency 101: What is “Spending”?

Some of other course topics include Buying Your First Home, Get a Handle on Your Taxes, and Managing Student Loans.

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