Benefits of a Asset Protection Plan

One of the biggest FEARS that most people have is running out of money or having their assets wiped out by the nursing home. Our Asset Protection Plan describes how we will help you avoid having your life time savings wiped out paying for long-term care i.e. paying for the nursing home, an assisted living facility, or staying at home.

FAMILY BENEFITS:  Relief from anxiety about paying for care, assistance with every legal, health care and long-term care decisions, confidence that comes from having a plan for ongoing care as your condition progresses, security because your spouse and dependents are provided for, thus you and your family have peace of mind.

ELDER BENEFITS:  The right care, preservation of your independence for as long as possible, the ability to age with dignity, and the security of knowing that you have a plan to maximize your quality of life.

At the Elder Law Office of David Wingate, LLC, we provide the following services, asset protection planning, Medicaid planning, elder law, and estate planning, for the aging and chronically-ill.

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Are you, your family members or clients, struggling to meet the needs of an elderly loved one during a chronic illness or disability?

If you see one of these signs of distress:

The primary caregiver is suffering from burnout, ill health, frustration, guilt or confusion.

Family members are confused about care options, what to do next or where to get help.

The elder was recently diagnosed with cancer, Alzheimer’s disease or other chronic condition.

The elder is ill or disabled with children who live out of town.

The elder has experienced a catastrophic event such as a fall, medication, mistake or accident.

Family members have discovered the elder wandering, malnourished, dehydrated or unable to provide self care.

The elder suffered a medical event such as a stroke or heart attack.

Elders are expressing worries about paying for long-term care in the future.

Children are voicing concerns about a parent’s debilitating diagnosis.

The elder is hospitalized and the family has been told that returning home is not an option.

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