Would you please support our efforts to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s disease?

The Walk
to End Alzheimer’s
is the annual opportunity to raise funds for this disease
in a way that leads to community education, and encourages the investment of
funds into research for treatment and a cure. 

From our perspective as an elder law firm, there is no
question that Alzheimer’s disease is the single biggest issue we face.  There are no easy answers to this horrible
disease.  As we provide comfort and
assistance to our clients and families, we try to encourage understanding.

We don’t ask for charitable donations very often.  However, Alzheimer’s disease is one of our
primary charitable concerns.  Please
support our efforts.  You can do that by
making a contribution and/or joining us on the day of the event to walk.  We promise that we will have fun, rain or

If you’re a client and we have helped you with your loved
one suffering from Alzheimer’s, this is your chance to make a tax deductible
contribution back to the cause.  If you
are a care provider and are not participating in the Walk with your
organization, this is your opportunity to show up at the Walk and network with
the hundreds of others who will be present. 
If you are curious and want to learn more, please let us know.

There are so many important causes.  I serve on various Boards and my wife, Gail,
is running Friends of Meals on Wheels.  Each group deserves and receives support from
us.  We receive dozens of other requests
each year, and it is not possible to support them all.  We understand that is the same for you as it
is for us.

If you are computer-savvy, you can go to “Wingate
to make a donation toward our team’s efforts.

If you want to write a check, make it payable to the Alzheimer’s
Association, and drop it off, or mail it to our office.

Alzheimer’s disease either gets an emotional reaction from
you, or you can thank your lucky stars that you have not yet experienced it in
your family. But if you know what Alzheimer’s is all about, this is your chance
to take action against it.  All
contributions help, no matter what size, since they all add up in a powerful
way.  Please join with us to make a

If you can make it, we look forward to seeing you at the Walk!

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