Seniors who are facing changes in their health and mental abilities face several important legal and financial decisions.

They need to plan how to protect their savings and other assets as the cost of their care increases. They need legal strategies to make sure their estate does not get taxed more than it needs to. And they need to appoint a responsible spokesperson to act on their behalf if they become no longer able to do so themselves.

While these decisions can certainly be made with the help of friends, books and Internet forms, it’s also a good idea to consider talking with an eldercare attorney. An eldercare attorney listens to you and your wishes, and helps you think of things you may not have thought of on your own.

Eldercare attorneys can help you organize your assets to help you qualify for Medicaid and VA benefits. They also help clear up misconceptions about the qualification rules, something friends or books may not be able to do. Elder Care Attorney, David Wingate states that many people do not realize they can qualify for these benefits even if they have savings.

Many people hesitate to go to an attorney because they think it will be very expensive. However, this is a myth. Also, it is much less expensive to pay an attorney to put these documents in place now than it is for your family to pay legal fees trying to figure out your wishes later.

One thing all eldercare professionals agree on is that these types of decisions need to be made early, while you are still able to voice your opinion. If you do not spell out your wishes, your family has to guess or the court has to decide. “These documents help you say from paper what you can no longer say yourself,” Wingate says. 

Finding an attorney you trust to help you get your affairs in order can make things much easier on your family later.

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