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o   Would you want the following medical treatments?

    • Kidney Dialysis (if kidneys not working)
    • CPR (used if heart stops working)
    • Respirator (unable to breathe)
    • Artificial nutrition (unable to eat food)
    • Artificial hydration (unable to drink fluids)


o  Imagine that you are in a permanent coma and dependent on a feeding tube. Would your medical decisions be guided by any particular religious beliefs or spiritual values?


o  Are some conditions worse than death? If you are housebound, in severe discomfort or pain most of the time, would you want medical treatments to keep you alive?

o  Discuss your current health status and, if any medical problems, how do they affect your ability to function?

o  Do you think that your own doctor should make the final decision about any medical treatments you may require?

o  Would you want to have a hospice team or other palliative care (i.e., comfort care) available to you?

o  Do you have any fears regarding health care and/or death?

o  Do you want to donate parts of your body for transplantation or medical research?

o  What are your thoughts about a memorial or religious service? Where would you like your remains placed? Do you want to be buried or cremated?

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