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Majority of Americans think government should pay for long-term care

A majority of Americans believe that the government should be primarily responsible for paying for the long-term care needs of older adults in the future but that the responsibility mainly will fall to the older adults themselves or to their families, according to the results of a poll released Thursday by the Pew Research Center.

Fifty-five percent of the 2,524 people polled in December said that, 30 years from now, the government should be mostly responsible for paying for long-term care, whereas 28% said the older adults themselves should be responsible for assuming those costs, and 14% said that family members should pay.

When participants were asked who likely will be most responsible for long-term care expenses in the future, however, a majority of them said the responsibility primarily will be that of the older adults themselves (36%) or their families (35%). Twenty-eight percent said the government will be mostly responsible for paying for long-term care.

Source/more: McKnights Senior Living


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