Here is some financial advice to protect your nest egg after your children are grown and gone.

These tips may come in handy, given that far too few parents are saving the money they used to spend on their offspring in their retirement accounts. A recent study by Boston College's Center for Retirement Research found per-person spending on non-durable consumables — vacations, apparel, restaurants and food purchases, etc. — actually rises sharply after the kids leave home.

In lieu of taking the money you use to spend on your kids and using it toward your retirement, most people are not changing their household spending and, in fact, are increasing their per-capita spending.

In 2001, households with children were spending $5,100 per person for non-durable goods. But by 2007, after the kids moved out, the figure rose to $6,500 per person, up 27.4%, according to the report.

Therefore, Financial Planners advise to pair down the grocery bill, aswell to reduce hidden costs after the kids leave home and reallocate that disposable income towards retirement.

* Cancel adult children from your car insurance policy.

* Remove your child from your cellular family plan, especially if they are no longer under a two-year contract with your carrier. Don't forget to also cancel or reduce services like texting or data plans.

* Cancel cable TV channels that only the kids used to watch.

* Discontinue automatic pay plans for things like memberships or subscriptions

* Remove kids from your health insurance plan.

* Close the Bank of Mum and Dad.

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