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Does a Veteran’s Aid & Attendance pension counts as income for the nursing home, when you are on Medicaid?

 The $90.00 personal allowance reduction is not countable as income towards Medicaid,

M21-1MR, Part V, Subpart iii, Chapter 3

1. General Information on Pension Reductions for Medicaid-Covered Nursing Facility Care
Change Date May 14, 2007

a. Provisions for Pension Reduction

38 CFR 3.551(i) limits to $90 per month the amount of Improved Pension that can be paid to a veteran (or surviving spouse) with no dependents who • is in a Medicaid-approved nursing facility, and • is covered by a Medicaid plan for services furnished by the nursing facility.

No part of the $90 monthly Improved Pension may be used to reduce the amount of Medicaid paid to a nursing facility.

Note: The authorizing statute, 38 U.S.C. 5503(d), will expire on September 30, 2011.


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