Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s…real world strategies that work.

Alzheimer disease is a heartbreaker.  Not only is it awful for the patient, but it’s devastating for the caregiver.  Someone who hasn’t dealt with Alzheimer’s disease, can’t imagine the stress of the constant pacing, up during nights, the fidgeting, the safety concerns, and of course the memory loss.  Imagine the heartbreak you feel looking into the now empty eyes of your spouse of 40 or 50 years and recalling all the wonderful times you spent together and then sitting down and crying over the horrible truth that your spouse no longer recognizes you. 

Your marriage vows said for “better or for worse.”  You took those words seriously and you still do, but sometimes now it seems that this awful disease is killing both of you. 

How long can you continue at this pace?  So you fret and you worry about all kinds of things:  how is it effecting the kids and grandkids; who will care for your spouse if something happens to you; can your spouse continue to drive and for how long; how long will your money hold out; and then what?  The worries are endless and you sometimes worry if this anger and this guilt is normal.  It is.

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