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“You’re Not Alone: Living with Alzheimer’s Disease” Answers to Questions

  1. Alzheimer’s planning: What will happen to your beloved pet when you can no longer care for it? – see page 50
  2. Does your estate plan provide for your beloved pet too? (Avoid this common mistake!) – see page 51
  3. Don’t hire just a lawyer for your estate plan: hire an entire team of professionals experienced in all aspects of Alzheimer’s planning! – see page 52
  4. Will you be a victim of elder financial abuse? (The average victim loses $30,000!) – see page 53
  5. How to protect yourself from financial abuse NOW, while you still can! – see page 53
  6. 1 in 5 Americans over 65 are victims of financial fraud! (Will you be next?) – see page 54
  7. Will Alzheimer’s make you easy prey for financial fraud? (Protect yourself now, while you still can!) – see page 54
  8. 7 scams that target the elderly; will you be a victim? – see page 55
  9. 7 scams aimed at the elderly and how to avoid them – see page 55
  10. Find out who is most like likely to exploit you financially and how to protect yourself (The answer may surprise you!) – see page 57
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