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“You’re Not Alone: Living as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver” Answers to your Questions – Part 4

  1. Get the guidance you need for the “caregiving journey” as your loved one changes with Alzheimer’s disease. – see page 12
  2. Are you suffering as a caregiver alongside your Alzheimer’s loved one? – see page 12
  3. Are you stressed out and suffering as an Alzheimer’s caregiver? – see page 13
  4. How to thrive in your caregiver role as your Alzheimer’s loved one changes over time – see page 13
  5. Has your Alzheimer’s caretaker role expanded beyond reminders and cues? – see page 13
  6. How are you coping with the fatigue and stress of your Alzheimer’s caretaker role? – see page 13
  7. Do you feel guilty when you struggle with your Alzheimer’s caretaker role? – see page 13
  8. Learn the “10 Communication Tools for Caregivers” (Hint: Follow these and your days will be much calmer and easier!) – see page 15
  9. De- see page stress your life with the “10 Communication Tools for Alzheimer’s Caregivers” (Find them on page 15.)
  10. The “10 Communication Tools for Alzheimer’s Caregivers” will take patience and practice but WILL improve your relationship and ease your stress. – see page 15
  11. How to interpret non- see page verbal communication of an Alzheimer’s loved one – and what to do in response. – 20
  12. Learn the non- see page verbal cues of Alzheimer’s patients to raise caretaking to the next level – see page 20
  13. What are the common non- see page verbal cues of Alzheimer’s patients and how to handle them – 20
  14. Get real help as a caretaker to deepen your relationship with your Alzheimer’s loved one – 21
  15. A holistic approach to elder planning means taking care of YOU, the caretaker too! – see page 24
  16. Get a holistic approach to Elder Planning for your unique situation – see page 24
  17. Find out the 11 signs of caregiver stress (and 5 ways to beat them successfully!) – see page 25
  18. How to minimizes the physical and mental health risks as an Alzheimer’s caregiver – see page 27
  19. Are you suffering from chronic, uncontrolled stress? Get the 5- see page step action plan to combat it! – see page 28
  20. To cope with caregiving in the present and prepare for the future learn these 3 stages of Alzheimer’s progression – see page 33
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