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“You’re Not Alone: Living as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver” Answers to your Questions – Part 3

  1. Are you an Alzheimer caretaker who is out of your depth and sinking fast? (Find real help in this book.) – see page 6
  2. What if there were a service program just for Alzheimer’s caregivers? (Hint: There is! It’s called the Elder & Special Needs Resource Center.) – see page 6
  3. What if there were a service program just for Alzheimer’s caregivers? (Hint: That program and other resources are revealed in this book.) – see page 6
  4. Are you lost in the maze of the government and private providers? (Hint: This book shows a way to navigate easily to get the help you need.) – see page 6
  5. Are you finding ALL the help you need as an Alzheimer’s caregiver? (Hint: You can find most of the answers in this book!) – see page 6
  6. Elder planning is about more than protecting assets: it’s about protecting Alzheimer patient and their loved ones – see page 6
  7. With proper elder planning, you’ll get maximum help as a caregiver (Medicare and Medicaid benefits and possibly even in- see page home care.) – see page 7
  8. How would it feel to have an entire team of professionals helping you and protecting those you love? – see page 7
  9. Find out how to get ALL the benefits you are entitled to – see page 7
  10. Alzheimer’s diagnosis? Are there questions you don’t even know to ask about care and benefits? (Hint: The questions AND answers are in this book!) – see page 7
  11. Alzheimer’s diagnosis for a loved one? Find your resources for care and planning in this book – see page 8
  12. Alzheimer’s diagnosis crises? Find help for yourself and those you love in this book – see page 8
  13. How to get the correct legal solutions for peace- see page of- see page mind planning after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis – see page 9
  14. How to avoid destructive choices because of inaccurate or out- see page of- see page date online information – see page 9
  15. Alzheimer’s diagnosis for your loved one? Get up- see page to- see page date, accurate information right now – see page 9
  16. Find out where to get complete information to plan the best care for your Alzheimer’s loved one – 7
  17. Do you know all the questions to ask to make caregiving easier for you and better for your Alzheimer’s loved one? – see page 8
  18. Wouldn’t you want to know if there were a resource center providing complete resources for families coping with Alzheimer’s disease? – see page 8
  19. Get “Peace of Mind” planning for you Alzheimer loved one – see page 9
  20. How to avoid destructive life decisions because of inaccurate and out- see page of- see page date information (Hint: We have the latest correct information to help you navigate dementia care.) – see page 9
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