Your Loved May Need Help With Their finances

As an elder law attorney firm, when we meet with clients during our initial consultation, it is necessary for us to obtain information regarding income and assets. Unfortunately, most clients do not have a clear understanding of their financial situation.

Consequently, people with an unclear or incomplete understanding of their finances often fail to budget for expenses properly, and may miss important payments which can affect overall credit scores. The elderly, in particular, may fall prey to various financial “scams.” Therefore, family members need to provide assistance to their relatives to avoid these situations.

Family members are often reluctant to overstep their bounds by suggesting they provide assistance with financial management, sometimes because of the fear of insulting their parent or loved one by suggesting that assistance may be necessary.

We have found in many cases the opposite to be true – often the person having difficulty getting a handle on managing or understanding their finances is relieved and happy to have the assistance.

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