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The World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher Has Some Advice

If you had any reservations about the power of yoga, please meet Tao Porchon-Lynch. Now 98 years old, she was declared the world’s oldest living yoga instructor by the Guinness World Records way back in 2012. She’s also the new face of Athleta’s “Power of She” campaign, which highlights the life-changing benefits of the practice. Porchon-Lynch, who is currently based in New York, started practicing yoga nine decades ago in India after she saw a group of boys doing yoga, and asked if she could join. She caught onto a very healthy habit early on: Research shows that yoga improves brain function, provides anxiety relief and can assist in maintaining a lower body weight. That’s exactly what keeps Porchon-Lynch invested in the practice and hitting the mat: The overall sense of mental, physical and emotional wellness that comes from even just yogic breathing can do wonders, she said. “If you do postures without the breathing you will never change anything,” Porchon-Lynch told The Huffington Post. “When people are known to breathe properly they can survive and do anything. Nothing is impossible when you are in tune with your breath.”

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