With today’s tablet technology and smartphones you can be anywhere…You don’t have to be in a corporate office.

The modern office runs on technology, and so too does the modern business, large and small. For the capable entrepreneur, as Reuters reports, mobile technology may even offer the means for a mobile workplace.

“Telecommuting” has been around for awhile, though not always favorably (especially by employers). As the internet and mobile devices continue to shrink the globe, however, the process has become a snap and telecommuting has become a more acceptable and more popular way to work. With mobile technology, you can do your work at home, and even run your end of a business there… but why not jump in the Winnebago or the sailboat instead?

That’s the decision many have made already, and an increasing number of people are traveling for leisure even as they work for their income. "With today's tablet technology and smartphones you can be anywhere…You don't have to be in a corporate office" says Charles Grantham social scientist and co-founder of the Work Design Collaborative, who also estimates that more than 15 percent of knowledge workers engage in some form of mobile office behavior. It may depend on your industry, of course, but many fields simply no longer require a physical presence.

This fact is especially meaningful for future and current retirees. Indeed, the trend is for an increasing number of retirees to remain on as consultants in their previous industry or to start their own business with the skills and knowledge they already possess. If it’s right for you, consider taking your work on the road … or the seas … and keep the adventure in your retirement even as you continue working.


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