Where can you find care at home or at an assisted living facility?

Where to Find Senior Care at Home or at a Facility

There are many ways that you can go about trying to find senior care for your loved one. You can search online, where you can find online reviews, you can look in your local senior referral source, contact your friends, or you can use Senior Life Care Planning where our care coordinators will find qualified professionals, who will come to your loved one’s home, to provide them care, or will recommend facilities for you to tour and review. With our guidance we will provide you with honest, independent and professional advice. Additionally, we help find resources to pay for the care, whether at home, assisted living facility, or in a nursing home; not many people can afford to pay $10,000 per month for a nursing home. The average stay in a nursing home is approximately 42 months. Therefore, the cost of the nursing home is

42 months x $10,000 per month equals $420,000.

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