When to place someone with dementia in an assisted living facility or nursing home is a very emotional and difficult decision.

When to place someone with dementia  in an assisted living facility or nursing home is a very emotional and difficult decision. But when their safety cannot be maintained or the physical and emotional ability of the caregiver to continue home care is exceeded, you have no choice. We at Senior Life Care Planning understand your emotions, the financial and legal complexities of leaving the family home care setting to an assisted living or nursing home.

There is no bright line rule. However, there are a number of factors you have to take into account regarding the placement of your loved one; the severity of the Alzheimer’s disease; the caregiver’s ability to deal with the effects of the illness on their own life as well as that of the sufferer. Additionally, if the caregiver is unable to rest, has no family or support system, is aging themselves and/or physically declining then placement is necessary. Also, if the Alzheimer’s patient is wandering, aggression, abusive or difficult to care for plays a role in placement.

To limit caregiver burnout we recommend respite or adult day care service to keep your loved one at home. Otherwise, the caregiver will feel abandoned and alone. Therefore, they will be unable to deal with the change in their loved one’s behavior. Consequently, resent their loved one for “taking away their life

Our goal is to keep your parents at home as long as possible. However, when they can no longer be safe at home, we can help coordinate and facilitate the move.  Additionally, we resolve problem with care providers or facilities and work with all parties to provide the best solutions to enhance your parent’s care and quality of life. 

You are still the decision maker, but with our help, guidance and support, we ensure peace of mind for you and your parents. Therefore, you still have control but not the anxiety or worries as to what is really happening with your parents.

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