When Aging Parents Resist Care – We Come to the Rescue

Accepting help is hard, especially for your aging parents. This can signal weakness or dependence, which is feared because of loss of control. Here are a few helpful suggestions to help adult children convince their aging parents that now is the time for help:

1)    Say that you are concerned for their safety not that they “should” hire someone or move.
2)    Start care  – say,  2 hours a few times a week and let it grow to more time as the relationship develops with the care provider.
3)    Allow your parent to tour a few retirement communities for the “future” – don’t pressure them, just expose them to some options.

Every family is different and at times disagree on their parent’s care. Additionally, most people are unaware of entitlements i.e. Veterans Benefits, Medicaid, or community services that would support their parent in their own home or community. That is when a consultation with an Elder Care Attorney can save the family hours of time and thousands of dollars.

Over and over again when the elder care attorney makes a suggestion, the elder takes it with grace, but when the adult child makes the same suggestion there is resistance. Who wants their child telling them what to do?

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