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What’s the proper way to notify the VA of the death of a veteran receiving Aid and Attendance?

Provide the VA with a statement in support of claim form (21-4138) and a copy of the death certificate when available. 

To stop direct deposit of benefits, the next of kin or Personal Representative of the Estate should call 1-877-838-2778 and request payments be stopped.

The VA pays one month in arrears; the check for March is for the month of February. Therefore, the deceased, a single veteran with no dependents, the check for February can be kept. However, the March check needs to be returned.  If the veteran was married or a dependent child, the check for the entire month of death can be kept.

Additionally, the next of kin or Personal Representative of the Estate should apply for burial benefits of $300.00 for plot and $300.00 for burial, using form 21-530. These benefits are a reimbursement if you paid for the burial or the plot.

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