What is the Difference between an Assisted Living Facility and a Nursing Home?

An Assisted Living Facility is a solution for seniors who value their independence, but need some help with activities of daily living, ie bathing, dressing and medication management. The assisted living facility may focus on an individual’s care, but promote continued independence with a plan of assistance. The assisted living facility can come in many shapes and sizes, from a home-like setting to large condo or apartment complex.

Most facilities have a team comprised of a director, health care coordinator, and a care manager to create a plan for you. The idea behind the assisted living facility is to provide care while preserving your dignity and quality of life. A plan may include help with personal hygiene, grooming, dressing, showering and bathing, assistance with eating, continence management, mobility, socialization and medication management.

Most facilities are private pay, and depending on the level of services you require, the fees range from $3,000 to $9,000, in the Frederick, Maryland area. Most facilities do not take Medicaid, but some do take the Medicaid Waiver program, so always check with the facility.

However, if you require an intensive 24 x 7 skilled nursing care facility, then an assisted living facility is not for you. Consequently, a nursing and rehabilitation care facility is recommended. The nursing home promotes preserving your dignity and respecting your wishes while offering quality medical care. Many nursing home facilities promote your emotional health, physical well-being, and rehabilitative therapies.

Most nursing homes provide the following services, 24-hour skilled nursing, post-hospital and post-surgical care, restorative care, physical, occupational and speech therapies, therapeutic and specialized dietary services.

The cost of the nursing home is anywhere from $7,000 to $12,000,in the Frederick, Maryland area. Most nursing homes will take Medicaid. However, to receive Medicaid you must qualify i.e. assets less than $2,500 in Maryland.

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