What do you do when a Veteran’s records were destroyed in the St. Louis fire?

This is a very frequent question. It appears that all veteran’s records were destroyed in the fire, as when you ask, the file” was destroyed in the fire.”  However, this isn't the case.

If you have not already done so, try the following:

Look in any safe deposit box, memorabilia box, behind a framed photo of the veteran, family album, or religious book…or other good hiding places for discharge papers.

Call the county court house where the veteran lived at the time of discharge. Sometimes, Vets were told to keep one copy of the discharge and file the second with their county courthouse. Therefore, review the records, microfiche etc. and can make a certified copy for the veteran or family.

Also, find a “Buddy”, who served with the veteran, have them sign a notarized statement confirming service with the veteran.

Review, newspapers for veteran’s photograph and name about service.

If all else fails, get affidavits from family members and friends stating the veteran served from enlist date to discharged date.

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