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What do you do when a parent has become increasingly infirm, had an accident or medical emergency that living alone is not an option?

This question was addressed on Workforce50, where the primary options:

1. Elder stays at home and enlist outside help i.e. a friend, relative, living companion, government, charitable, or a home care agency service to help the elder with their needs.

2. Move to an independent living facility, apartment or condo that does not require as much care, on one floor instead of two, or is handicapped-accessible.

3. Move in with you or some other relative or friend.

4. Enter an assisted living facility where people live as independently as they can for as long as they can, but where services (whether medical or non-medical or both) are available.

5. Enter a nursing home, where 24-hour supervision and/or intensive nursing care is available (or a hospice, if the person is mortally ill).

If the situation is not already an emergency, start considering options at least six months before you expect to make a change, if you can. If you have to make an emergency decision, you will have fewer choices (many facilities have waiting lists).

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