What are the two choices for Medicare Coverage?

There's Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans, also called Part C.

Original Medicare is in two sub sections—Medicare Part A and Part B. People can choose to have either one, or both parts. Paying a deductible is required for either one, and usually a patient must pay a fee each time they get services.

Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D) can be added by joining a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. Costs and benefits vary by plan. (see below for more on Part D)

A Medicare Supplement Insurance policy can be purchased to help pay some of the health care costs, like co-payments and deductibles.

For Medicare Advantage Plans, or Part C, someone must have both Part A and Part B to join one of these plans. The plans provide all Part A and Part B services and provides additional services.

For Part C, subscribers usually pay a monthly premium, and co-payments but they will likely be less than the coinsurance and deductibles under Original Medicare.

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