What are the Goals of Life Care Planning?

The goals
of a Life Care Plan are:

  • Promote
    the health and safety of our client.
  • Meet
    our client's immediate and long-term health care needs.
  • Counsel
    our client in decision making related to their long-term needs.
  • Identify
    and access public and private resources to assist with our client's care
  • Provide advocacy to the client and the client's caregivers.
  • Assist
    with asset management and protection.
  • Protect
    our client's right to safe and effective health care.
  • Respect
    and promote our client's right to dignity and self-determination.

Life Care Planning is an approach to a
lifetime of total care. The Life Care Plan
connects your concerns about long-term care as you go through the later stages
of your life with the knowledge and expertise of Senior Life Care Planning.

Our website  has more  information that can help
you and your loved ones regarding your  long term goals.

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