What are the advantages of pre-arranging your funeral plans?

Most individuals avoid planning for his or her funeral. Consequently, they leave the decisions to their beloved ones. Sadly, because of your loved ones emotions, after your death, paying for your funeral may be unnecessarily expensive. Funeral and burial costs can easily exceed $10,000.

Therefore, to avoid the guilt of your loved one's spending money on your funeral, you can plan your own funeral. However, it is very important investigate the options and never let your self be pressured into buying goods you do not require. Consequently, you must learn to be an informed consumer.

Purchasing a pre-paid funeral, unfortunately, is like purchasing an automobile. Funeral Homes can vary in thousands of dollars. Therefore, do not assume that a funeral cost will be the identical no matter where you go. By law, the Funeral Home must give you a checklist of all costs of items and services. Typically, these costs are for the initial conference, consultations, paperwork and overhead. However, there is an extensive variation in the pricing of the basic provider’s fee. Additionally, these costs should include for transportation, care of the body, embalming, and use of the funeral house for viewing, wake, visitation and the memorial ceremony. Also, include various options such as flowers, use of the limousine and a casket. Therefore, obtain price lists from at least three funeral homes, before you make a selection.

You may wish to make preparations upfront, but not pay for the providers in advance. However, these prices will change over time.

Therefore, you can make your preferences known by writing them down in your letter of instructions. Remember to provide copies to your family members and your lawyer, in addition to maintaining a copy in a handy and accessible location.

Be certain the funeral home is licensed and has a good reputation within the community.

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