Veterans’ Access to Care Act of 2014

House and Senate negotiators have agreed to a $15 billion bill (H.R. 3230) meant to reform the VA, specifically the Veterans Health Administration. (VHA). The bill:

  • allows veterans (who are enrolled as of August 1, 2014) to seek private care at contracted hospitals and clinics outside of the VHA;
  • allows veterans who live more than 40 miles (in some instances, 20 miles) from a VA facility or who cannot be seen by the VHA for more than 30 days to receive care from a private contracted approved facility or clinic;
  • allows the VHA to hire more doctors, nurses, and medical staff;
  • increases the number of VA medical facilities;
  • establishes special commissions related to VHA administration and accountability;
  • expands eligibility for counseling care related to sexual trauma encountered by certain inactive duty servicemen/women;
  • expands (and changes) certain educational scholarships;
  • amends section 5503(d)(7) to extend thru 09-30-2024 current eligibility restrictions for recipients of VA pension who receive Medicaid-covered nursing home care; and
  • provides for review and audits of VHA veterans’ scheduling system.


Go to following site to read the entire bill and all that it covers:

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