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Toronto to Create “Seniors Safety Zones” to Protect Older Pedestrians

Following the release of statistics that showed an overwhelming majority of pedestrians killed on Toronto’s streets last year were older adults, the city has announced details of its plans to create “seniors safety zones” at 12 intersections. According to police data released last week, 37 of the 43 pedestrians killed last year were 55 or older. It was the deadliest year for pedestrians in more than a decade, and also the worst year for older pedestrian deaths over that time. The intersection will be the first location where the city establishes a seniors zone, which was one of the measures approved by council last July as part of the new $80-million road safety plan.

Public works chair Councilor Jaye Robinson said the locations were chosen based on where city data shows there have been a high number of seniors involved in traffic collisions, and there is a concentrated population of older residents. Dundas and Bloor is close to medical offices and seniors housing, and according to Robinson, four pedestrians have been killed and five more seriously injured at the intersection in the past six years, all of them older adults. The package of safety measures coming to Dundas and Bloor include speed limits reduced to 40 km/h from 50 km/h, eight seniors safety signs warning drivers to slow down, four “watch your speed signs,” enhanced pavement markings, and longer pedestrian crossing times. Red light cameras are also being installed.

Source/more: Toronto Star



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