The decision to move a family member into a nursing home is one of the most difficult decisions you can ever make. The legal and financial ramifications can cost you plenty. Your income, assets and financial security can be at serious risk. If you and your family are overwhelmed or confused by all the decisions you have to make, call, elder law attorney, David Wingate now, at 301 663 9230 to discuss your concerns. David Wingate understands the aging process and the special challenges a life threatening illness can present.

There are steps you can take right now to protect yourself, your family and your assets.

          My wife and I went through these issues with my wife’s grandfather.  Only I couldn’t find anyone to help us with nursing home and Medicaid issues.  I now devote my entire practice to this area, so that others wouldn’t have to feel the frustrations that we did.  I started my elder care practice to deal with the long term care planning, be it at home, the assisted living facility, the nursing home and Medicaid issues.  And now my frustrations can be your good fortune.  That is because you can trade off our years of experience in dealing with Medicaid to help you and your family. You may have many questions:

  • How does Medicaid work?
  • How will I pay for the nursing home?
  • If my spouse goes into a nursing home, will I lose everything?
  • The nursing home is going to get my house?
  • I heard that I can’t give anything away before five years of going into the nursing home?


          At last you have a resource you can turn to for solid professional advice. We can help you navigate through the maize of Medicaid.  We would very much like to help you, please give us a call at 301 663 9230

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