The VA stopped Veterans Benefits because the VA sent the EVR’s to the facility, rather than his agent.

Veteran resides in Alzheimer's section of ALF.  The VA stopped his Veterans Benefits because  the VA sent the EVR's to the facility, rather than his agent (son). The VA claims Veteran over paid and are requesting overpayment.

If  within the 180 day window request forgiveness of debt; however, this is not a debt per se.  Explain about the EVR. VA can forgive claimant’s debt if no intentional fraud. 

Attach corrected EVR, along with 21-8416 medical expense reports.

File VA form 5655 explains current situation. Plead hardship on the statement of support of claim form – no assets and without the pension, the veteran will be evicted. Consequently, veteran will not receive his required daily medical care.  Additionally, request the VA to continue “full pension plus A & A and prepayment of unreimbursed meds uninterrupted.”

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