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The VA has a “presumptive conditions” policy that entitles certain veterans, survivors, and dependents, to a presumption of service-connection.

The VA has a "presumptive conditions" policy that entitles certain veterans, survivors, and dependents, to a presumption of service-connection for certain disease or conditions related to certain conflicts or military service. These include former POWs, Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange, atomic veterans exposed to ionizing radiation, Gulf War veterans with undiagnosed illnesses, veterans diagnosed with certain chronic diseases within one year of release from active duty, and veterans with 90 days or more of contiguous service diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease following discharge from active duty.

If an injury or illness is determined to be service-related, the condition(s) are evaluated on a scale from 0% to 100% to determine the degree of impairments. A claimant must receive a 10% rating in order to receive compensation. A veteran may receive a 100% disability rating either based solely on the severity of the service-related condition (or combination of conditions), or by qualifying for an Individual Unemployability (IU) determination. To qualify for this benefit, a veteran must be unable to work and have one service-connected disability rated at least 60% or have two or more disabilities with one disability rated at least 40% and a combined rating of at least 70%.

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