The VA did not consider prescription co-pays as there is no ability to predict their on-going requirement.

If you have been approved for VA aid and attendance check the comments from the VA, as we are noticing comments, like the following:  we did not consider your prescription co-pays as there is no ability to predict their on-going requirement.  Therefore, the VA refused to count that cost towards the calculation of the award. 

This has become a major problem, the VA is requesting that the prescriptions be turned in with the next EVR, but refusing to consider them initially does not help the Veteran who needs the money now.

We suggest review the pharmacy print-out and line out everything that is not recurrent (e.g. daily, every other daily), pain medications, antibiotics etc.  Consequently, remove those costs from the bottom line.  Also, attach prescriptions (written by the doctor) for each recurrent medication.  This may help simplfy, for the adjudicator, what is recurrent and , hopefully, accept them. 

As far as diabetic supplies, attach prescriptions for insulin (must have dosage and frequency), alcohol wipes, needles (gauge included), and testing strips (frequency noted).  Also, attach receipts indicating what was paid.

If the VA continues to refuse to consider them, the Veteran can produce them in the next EVR for reimbursement up to what the maximum annual pension rate for the previous year would have been.  The non-recurrent drugs can also be turned in at that time if the claimant did not already max out.

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