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The Senior Life Care Planning, LLC Leads the Way in Comprehensive Services Designed to Help Families Select Nursing Homes and Maintain Quality Long-Term Care

The “graying of America” is in full force – a Baby Boomer turns 60 every 7 ½  seconds – and people are living longer than ever before.  By the time adults reach the age of 85, one out of every two requires nursing home care.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2030 some states will have more people 65 and older than under 18.  As the Baby Boomers slowly become senior citizens, by 2011, the population of 65 and older will grow faster than the total population in each state. 

To deal with this evolving social trend, Elder Care attorney, David Wingate, has developed a Care and Advocacy Program.  The Care and Advocacy Program called Senior Life Care Planning, LLC — the first of its kind in Maryland – is a comprehensive program of staff and resources designed to assist individuals every stop of the way as they place an aging loved one in a nursing home or make other care arrangements.  From selecting a appropriate facility to assuring residents receive the best care for the duration of their stay, Senior Life Care Planning, LLC’s professional staff partners with clients to advocate their loved one’s well-being.

In addition, Senior Life Care Planning, LLC has staff to consult on long-term care options based on a loved one’s medical needs, help evaluate nursing homes and monitor the care nursing home residents receive.

“We are committed to educating seniors, veterans and their families about how to make their golden years as enjoyable and comfortable as possible,” says David Wingate, founder of Senior Life Care Planning, LLC.  “We are keenly aware that the news today is full of reports of elder abuse and care conditions that are less than adequate.  We work to empower families so that they can take steps to make sure their loved ones are properly cared for.”

Senior Life Care Planning, LLC provides assistance to the aging and Veterans in dealing with the unique issues they face.  Mr. Wingate and his staff provide services in a holistic manner, stressing that careful planning makes a difference.

Senior Life Care Planning, LLC serves clients in Maryland.  The firm, an invaluable resource center for area veterans, social workers, hospital discharge coordinators and other health care professions, is the only place in Maryland consumers can find comprehensive, unbiased advice on nursing homes.  For more information about Senior Life Care Planning, LLC, please contact our office at (240) 453-0070 or our website at www.seniorlcp.com.

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