The House Veterans’ Affairs Committee passed various bills.

The House Veterans’ Affairs Committee passed:

• HR 5593, which would provide financial counseling to beneficiaries of Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance, legislation that responds to a controversy over how money is now handled during initial payouts.

• HR 3685, which would require Veterans Affairs Department to more prominently display links to potential jobs for veterans on the VA home page and to make certain private-sector jobs are included.

• HR 5630, which would set in law the qualifications to be a veterans employment coordinator or vocational rehabilition counselor. Also in the bill is a new $500 monthly stipend to veterans who become school teachers in rural areas and the creation of 2,000 internships for veterans at the Veterans Benefits Administration.

• HR 3787, which would allow National Guard and reserve retirees not yet receiving retired pay to officially be considered “veterans,” although no new benefits would come with the title.

Whether any of the bills will become law, in this session, is unlikely. As Legislators, having returned from a six-week summer break, plan a brief four weeks of work, before taking a pre-election recess. It is unlikely, either the House and/or Senate will complete the bills, leaving everything to a post-election legislative session.

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