“The generation that grew up with “On the Road” is hitting the highway once again. Only this time, they’re leaving the bedroll and taking their granite countertops..

In this article, SmartMoney’s Catey Hill takes a look into the increasing trend of mobile retirements and luxury RV’s. The article briefly examines the market, citing increased sales in Class A gas motor homes (the luxury models) and industry analysts are explaining it by looking to the recently retiring generations who have the resources and inclination (they are the generation that grew up with “On The Road.”) Indeed, the median age for RV owners is 54. The article then explores the idea and motivations of those retirees, explaining all the amenities of a luxury RV – hardwood floors, brushed steel appliances, flat-screen TV’s, etc. – as well as the freedom of living on the road and possibilities like “glamping” (the unfortunate title for “glamorous camping”.)

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