The challenges of elder’s choosing the right resources that are available, is daunting.

A growing number of retirees are opting to stay in their own homes and "age in place" rather than move to senior communities, this in part due to the financial issues facing the retirees. Will I have enough money? How can I afford the cost of an assisted living facility? How can I stay at home? What do I need to do to stay at home?

The number of organizations created to help them stay put is exploding. From home care agencies, contractors and other professionals. The challenges of choosing the right resource that are available, is daunting.

David Wingate, of Senior Life Care Planning, was voted by his fellow peers as the number one elder law attorney, in the area. However, he credits the staff of Senior Life Care Planning for the ongoing success. “I am honored to receive recognition from my fellow attorneys” he said. “This achievement is only possible because of our wonderful staff, and clients and their ongoing referrals. We, really, love what we do, as we can see the difference we make in our client’s lives.”

Senior Life Care Planning offers a wide range of services to help maintain their client’s independence at home, or to advocate for their client’s rights and quality of life, at an assisted living facility or nursing home.

Many clients have benefited from the help from Senior Life Care Planning, “I could have never done this alone” or “someone out there to listen, understand, and guide has been invaluable” and another who said, “it had given me the opportunity to plan in a non-crisis environment.”

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