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Is your aging parent a veteran or a veteran’s surviving spouse?

Have they signed up for the VA Aid and Attendance pension? Most veterans, over 65, do not know they may be entitled to Veteran’s Benefits, or have enquired, but because of they have been told they may not be eligible or the complex forms to complete, they give up. However, we have found that veterans can qualify, and we can complete the paperwork for them. With Veterans Benefits you can help offset some of the costs of home care and/or assisted living care. Additionally, Veterans are also eligible to receive free medications from a VA mail-order pharmacy after they receive…

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What happens when a home owning veteran sells their home?

When a veteran sells their primary residence (after filing for VA benefits) it becomes a conversion of assets and can potentially disqualify the veteran as of the date of closing. To increase your monthly income, please contact us about a FREE VA benefits HANDBOOK, written by David Wingate, an accredited VA Attorney, of Senior Life Care Planning, LLC, go to info@seniorlcp.com or if you require additional information about VA Benefits, visit our Maryland Veterans Benefits website. Please review our Blog on Elder Issues and Veteran's Benefits. Additionally, if you are not receiving our Newsletter, please subscribe to our free NEWSLETTER…

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What is a presumptive condition?

The V.A. regards i.e. presumes that the illness is related to a veteran’s military service.