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VA Transfer Penalties coming soon

More bad news on the way for future VA pension claimants. Veterans can expect the next Congress to pass new legislation that will penalize veterans who have made gifts that reduced their net worth. These changes will make it both more complicated and more difficult for veterans to claim pension benefits. The Government is looking to reduce the growing cost of benefit programs, and many older veterans will feel the effects.   

Son is giving Veteran Money is this Countable re Pension or A & A?

Depends. The VA may seek an explanation how a veteran with limited means is paying their high UME. Include form 21-8049. Therefore, the adjudicator can verify the incurred non-medical expenses; otherwise, the adjudicator may decide that the son is paying for veteran's UME.  With the declaration of non-medical expenses, the adjudicator can verify the son’s money is spent on family maintenance in lieu of the UME. M21-1MR, Part V, Subpart iii, Chapter 1 b. Maintenance Do not count the value of maintenance. In other words, if someone furnishes a claimant free room and board, or pays the claimant’s bills, the…

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