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Veterans Should Be Treated With Honor, Respect And The Best Care Available.

In a recent New York Times article highlighted the failure of our government to adequately attend to the medical problems of our soldiers who suffered war injuries, physical and mental. This has resulted in thousands of suicides among the returning soldiers. The Times reported that the Department of Veterans Affairs informed the parents of William Hamilton, an Iraq war veteran, that it was not responsible for his death. Mr. Hamilton had been admitted nine times to a V.A. psychiatric ward in Palo Alto. He saw demon women and talked to a man he had killed in Iraq. His parents allege…

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With a presumptive condition or death, it is presumed. the veteran served in a certain arena or time the military service was the cause of condition or death.

Usually, a veteran or a qualifying surviving dependent must show a nexus between the veteran’s condition or death and his/her military service, except with a presumptive condition or death.