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Tips For Long Distance Caregivers

Caregivers must be available for their loved ones at varying times of the day. If there is an emergency and the caregiver is needed promptly, it would be convenient for a caregiver that lives 20 minutes or less away. The faster a caregiver can arrive, the quicker an issue will be resolved. But what about caregivers that aren’t in the neighborhood? They’re called long-distance caregivers, and according to the National Institute on Aging, there are approximately seven million of them, mostly caring for aging parents who live an hour or more away. Historically, caregivers have been primarily mid-life, working women…

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Sally was the “responsible daughter” and it seemed like whenever there was a family problem, it fell to her. She was the one her dad trusted the most, so years ago he named her as the agent on his Power of Attorney. He knew that she would make sure his finances were safe and that he would be well cared for. Sally visited her father at the care center nearly everyday to make sure he was getting the care he needed. She talked with the folks in the business office and made sure that dad’s bill was paid every month…

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How can you get started in planning a nursing home placement?

Families really need to do lots of research. Use the internet, visit the neighborhoods and facilities and look for reviews that are done by people that have had their family members in the nursing home. Search for a facility where your loved one’s immediate needs are met, ask questions, see if they have an available rehabilitation center, what foods they will serve, how they can cater to your loved ones, what insurance the nursing home will take. For more contact our office for the FREE booklet “Nine “Must Ask” Questions Before Entering A Nursing Facility”

Our “Peace of Mind” Process

When you come to our office for the initial consultation, our promise is to make it as comforting as possible. When you leave our office feeling relieved and you have a guide to lead them through the long-term care legal maze.  In helping clients navigate the long-term care legal maze we’ve set up a three-step process. The Peace of Mind Meeting At the first meeting, we will welcome you to our firm.  Consider this a “get to know you meeting.”  At this meeting it is our goal to make you feel comfortable and help you understand the long-term care maze that…

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