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Do I Need to Hire Senior Life Care Planning To Help Me With My Aging Parents?

Do you have the time, inclination, or the ability to manage the affairs of your aging parents? Are the issues that your aging parents are facing becoming bigger and more complicated than you can comfortably manage? Are the other demands and responsibilities of family, work and day to day life, so abundant that you are not able to provide the desired level of control, supervision, and attention to your aging parent’s issues and crises? If you are not sure, please call our office for a consultation, or visit our website, so we can help you decide if our office may…

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When Dementia Drains the Pocketbook

Problems handling finances are often the first sign of cognitive decline. Financial competence involves a complex set of skills, from simple arithmetic to remembering to pay bills to understanding how loans work. Therefore, impaired seniors are at risk not only because unscrupulous outsiders (or their own family members) can defraud them, but because they themselves make self-destructive decisions as shoppers or investors. This is a strong indicator that a dementia diagnosis will follow, often within a year. So how should a primary care physician respond when a family member reports these symptoms? The JAMA article suggests that doctors talk to…

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