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New Study Shows Severe Housing Affordability Problems for Individuals with Disabilities

"Priced Out in 2012" is a new study conducted by the Technical Assistance Collaborative and the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities Housing Task Force. The report shows the severe housing affordability problems experienced by individuals with disabilities.

Questions to ask before moving out of a nursing home.

The AARP has come up with some questions to ask before moving out of a nursing home. Do you want to live independently? You must be motivated enough to overcome frustration and inconvenience. Are you able to live independently? People with limited mobility can often manage. Can you afford to live independently? Government programs offer a variety of financial help. Is in-home care available? Together, a doctor and a transition coordinator can help compile a list of needed services. Is appropriate housing available? Requirements vary with health and mobility, and include access, safety features, security, and kitchen and dining facilities….

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