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Medicaid – same-sex spouse or domestic partner beneficiary – Estate Recovery

Estate Recovery: Sections 1902(a)(18) and 1917(b)(1) of the Act require States to pursue estate recovery when a Medicaid beneficiary received medical assistance under the State plan: 1) in cases where a lien has been imposed under the State’s lien authority, and 2) for recipients age 55 and over, who received nursing facility services, home and community-based services, or related hospital and prescription drug services. States may optionally seek recovery to pay for costs of other approved State plan services provided to those 55 and over, except Medicare cost sharing paid on behalf of Medicare Savings Program beneficiaries on or after…

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Medicaid – same-sex spouse or domestic partner beneficiary – Transfer of Assets

Transfers of Assets: States are required to have provisions regarding transfers of assets for less than fair market value under sections 1902(a)(18) and 1917(c) of the Act. A State Medicaid plan must provide that, if an institutionalized individual or the spouse of an individual transfers assets for less than fair market value after the “look-back” date defined in the statute, the State will calculate and impose a period of ineligibility. Medicaid payment is not available for the long-term care services the individual receives during the period of ineligibility, although the individual remains eligible for Medicaid coverage of non-long term care…

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