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How does the widow of a veteran apply to receive the medical benefits?

CHAMPVA health benefits are for spouses and dependent children of living veterans who are rated 100% and for surviving spouses and dependent children of veterans who were 100% rated at the time of death or who died service connected.  They are not available for pension surviving spouses. The forms are 10-10d and 10-7959c

What is the difference between Tricare and CHAMPVA?

Tricare is for active duty military and their dependents.  It is a Department of Defense (DOD) benefit. Tricare for Life is for retired military veterans (20 years of service or more), their dependents and for surviving spouses of soldiers killed in action.  It is also a DOD benefit, but administered through a private company. CHAMPVA is a VA benefit for dependents of living veterans rated 100%, for dependents of veterans who died service connected, and for dependents of veterans who were 100% rated when they died.  If you are eligible for both, Tricare for Life, is the benefit of choice, as…

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Is a remarried veteran’s spouse entitled to Veterans Benefits?

Spouse is the widow of a, killed in action, WWII veteran.  She is currently married to a Korean War veteran.  If she remarried, after the age of 57 and after December 16, 2003, she should be able to retain the DIC from her first husband.  However, if she did not, and she becomes single again, she will obtain first husband’s DIC and CHAMPVA.  Otherwise, her current husband may qualify for his own veteran’s benefits. Nevertheless, she personally does not qualify for any veterans benefits, at this moment in time.